El Camino Real Airstream Club

    Our unit name is El Camino Real Airstream Club of CA. We chose this name as many members live in southern California, from Chula Vista, up the highway known as El Camino Real, as far north on the coast as the San Francisco bay area. Others are east through Sacramento and the foothills down through the Sierras and the Central Valley area and south through the high and low deserts of southern CA.
    We usually have nine unit rallies a year. Rallies typically start Wednesdays and end Sunday morning. Working members are welcome for whatever days they can schedule. Many RV parks work with us and only charge for nights in attendance.
    We try to plan at least one activity during the rally, i.e. tour, game competition, etc. We always have “happy hour” generally have a potluck dinner one night during the rally, sometimes a catered dinner too, and most evenings our ukulele music players serenade others who may be playing games. Those who do not play a musical instrument but want to be involved are invited to sing a long.
    Our members have vintage Airstream trailers dating as far back as 1936 as well as new ones.
    Many of our folks are retired but we are very active and we PLAY a lot!!!!! New members are welcome to join us……

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Karen Pickett, Membership Chair

Garden Grove, CA