Florida Airstream Club

2023 Executive Board and Appointments


Our Florida Airstream Club officers are all volunteers. This club would not exist without good leaders. We owe a round of “thanks” to these great people for their time and efforts in guiding our club.

Please consider sharing your talents with the club. You are invited to talk to any of the club’s officers about serving in a leadership position.

Scroll down to see the current list of officers serving the Florida Airstream Club.

Past Presidents

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2023 Executive Board

President - Larry Scovotto
1st Vice President - Steve Kane
2nd Vice President - Mike McGinn
Treasurer - Brenna Loretta
Secretary - Geri Prisco
Trustee 1 - Steve Oppel
Trustee 2 - Susan Poole
Trustee 3 - John Walker
Past President - Bob Masters


Appointed Positions

Badge Committee Chairperson - Mike McGinn
Charitable Project Chairperson - Chris Allen
Communications Editor - Randy Godfrey
Historian - Jeff Krabel
Membership Committee Chairperson - Nelson Arias
Newsletter Editor - Susan Poole
Rally/Caravan Committee Chairperson - Steve Kane
Social Media Editor - Judy Barrett
Sunshine Committee Chairperson - Deb Oppel
Parliamentarian - Larry Scovotto
Webmaster - Steve Oppel


Standing Committees

Badge Committee
Charitable Project Committee
Communications Committee
Membership Committee
Rally/Caravan Committee
Sunshine Committee


Select (Temporary) Committees

Audit Committee
Nomination Committee