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Schedule of Events

Lebanon Schedule of Events

Preliminary Schedule of Events - Keep checking back for updates.

Schedule as of June 14, 2021


If you want a friend to visit for a day check out the Day Pass Policy 


Additional Points of Interest


We will have 40 - 50 unique presentations this year in Lebanon, hosted by our fellow Airstreamers. Interested in giving a presentation or seminar?  Let us know:

I'm interested in presenting at Lebanon



Hedda Smithson - Chair

At the 2018 International Rally in Salem, OR, it was announced that the last Unit Publication Contest would be held in Doswell, VA the following year. There will be examples of that contest’s winners in Tennessee. At the 2020 International Rally in Loveland, CO, the format was to become a “Showcase”. We all know what happened to that!!

Thus, the debut of the Publications Showcase will be in Lebanon, TN, at the 64th International Rally. Want to be in on the fun? Let us know! Send an email to publications@wbcci.org. We would like to know how many are interested for planning purposes.

Bring a copy of your best 2021 newsletter to the rally. Present it in a ½ inch view binder with your club logo and contact information. Or a brown paper envelope that is clearly labeled so that your newsletter can be returned to you would work as well.

Does your club produce a stellar directory? Bring it to the rally so others can get ideas. Watch for details in the rally program as to when and where the Publications Showcase will be held.

And thank you!!


Lilli Hamnqvist, BRN 154, Chair 

Teresa McShane, DVM, BRN 9564, Co-Chair


Traveling pets (and owners too), are you ready for the great annual International Rally Pet Show? This fun-filled event will take place in:

Lebanon, TN, on Tuesday, July 20

Check-in time is 8:30 AM, and the show will start at 9:00 AM

Location will be the Rally Dog Park

There will be three General Divisions: Best Looking Dog; Best Looking Cat; Best Looking Other Pet and Three Special Divisions, open to all pets: Best Costume; Best Trick; Best Looka-Like. In addition, the audience will select and vote for the “People’s Choice” Award.

Requirements to enter a pet:

  • • Any pet traveling with you can enter, and all pets need to be pre-registered.

  • • Bring your pet’s proof of current rabies vaccination (dogs and cats).

  • • Your pet should be in good general health, at least four months old, and we recommend pets are current on species and age-appropriate preventative vaccines.

Please pre-register your pet(s) online using this Registration form. Deadline for the registration is Monday, July 19 at 5 PM.

Mark your calendars, work on your pet’s costume (and maybe yours) and tricks, and get ready to showcase your pet!

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Lilli Hamnqvist lilli@hamnqvist.org

Teresa McShane, DVM suzzypoi@gmail.com