Purpose—A fun camping experience for ALL! 


1.     Our club members can’t wait to see what you have found for suggested activities for us to do.  Please develop and publish a rally schedule and a list of campers who are going on FB and, also send this and updated info to terrapincreekfarm@gmail.com so I can send it via email blast.  I will also pass this information to our webmaster, Alan Nelson, who will in turn put on our webpage.  Reminder, please tell people how to make campground reservations, but then to please notify you to register for the rally.  Also, if the campers need to cancel, please tell them to hold onto their reservations for a definite time, so other M City members can get their spot.  This, how to cancel information will be reminded to all our members on FB and with an email blast. 

 2.     If you incur expenses, the rally fee should be $10/person or $20 max/family.  This may mean being somewhat resourceful—but we are.  For example, talk to the park and ask for a reduced pavilion fee, a potluck, a foil dinner or let’s go out to an area restaurant.    

 3.     When you incur expenses, please keep all receipts.  These receipts need to be photographed by phone and sent to our treasurer, Mary Beth Nelson, 158treasurer@wbcci.net with a cc to terrapincreekfarm@gmail.com.  If something is amiss, 1 of us will notice.  Also, send a roster of campers to Mary Beth with receipts. 

 4.     Paul and I will attend all rallies and we will deposit all rally fees collected by the Rally Hosts at Regions Bank when we get home unless the treasurer is present.   We will send a photo of the deposit slip to Mary Beth. 

5.     WBCCI lists our webpage in every Blue Beret and our webpage is available for everyone to see on airstream.org.  As this is our brand, we need to make contributions to this web page, like the Rally Schedule or President’s Message.  It is my hope and my expectation that 1 of the hosts will write a small summary of the rally and submit this summary with some pictures to Alan Nelson, 158webmaster@wbcci.net.  

6.     I am very happy to announce that Lisa Viator will be our new Membership Chair.  She will send out a welcoming letter, when notified by WBCCI, and welcome these new Music City members on FB.  Linda Tilghman will continue welcoming people who want to join our M City FB page. 

 It will be a great 2023 camping year!   I am available via cell 610-513-9514 or email terrapincreekfarm@gmail.com and want to volunteer to help, because that’s what we are all about. 

Information for Rally Hosts!