The long-running Potlatch Rally is back at Washington Land Yacht Harbor, with a traditional Salmon Bake, daily seminars, optional tours, and more!

The rally starts in just a few days: August 1-6, and some folks have already started arriving at the Washington Land Yacht Harbor!

Once you arrive, there are signs in the Harmony Hall lobby with QR codes for the following:

  • A group chat we've set up on WhatsApp, where you can get rally announcements, and chat with other Airstreamers attending the rally. Please install WhatsApp first, then scan the QR code.
  • The Washington Airstream Club Facebook group, where you can share photos
  • This web page (for easy access)
  • The rally program

If you have any questions during the rally, you can email Diane Carpenter, Washington Airstream Club president, at dianecarpenter541@yahoo.com, or Potlatch Reunion chairman Donna Bryson at clarkbryson@comcast.net

For those in attendance, check out these resources:

  • The Potlatch Rally Program - for schedule details
  • Menus
    • Wednesday, August 2
      • Breakfast
        • Ham & Cheese Croissant
        • Hard-Boiled Egg
        • Fruit
      • Lunch - on your own
      • Dinner
        • Fried or Baked Chicken
        • Potato Salad
        • Baked Beans
        • Rolls & Butter
        • Apple Pie & Ice Cream
    • Thursday, August 3
      • Breakfast
        • Scrambled Eggs
        • Sausage Links
        • Biscuits, Honey, Butter
      • Lunch - on your own
      • Dinner
        • Hamburgers or Hot Dogs
        • Macaroni Salad
        • Potato Chips
        • Western Cupcakes
    • Friday, August 4
      • Breakfast
        • Yogurt
        • Sweet Breads
        • Sweet Rolls
        • Fruit
      • Lunch - on your own
      • Dinner
        • Spaghetti
        • Salad
        • Garlic Bread
        • Cheesecake
    • Saturday, August 5
      • Breakfast
        • Egg Casserole
        • Bagel & Cream Cheese
        • Fruit or Juice
      • Lunch - on your own
      • Dinner
        • Caesar Salad
        • Salmon
        • Baked Potato
        • Corn on the Cob
        • Rolls
        • Lemon Squares

There's plenty to explore on your own once you arrive in the Olympia area, including:

Note: If you're interested in exploring any of these places, please be sure to check their web sites for up-to-date pricing information and operating hours.

Since we can't list every possible thing to do in the area surrounding the Washington Land Yacht Harbor, here are some additional links to help get you started exploring during your free time and pre- or post-rally adventures:

Event Cancellation Policy

We're past the cancellation deadline, so unfortunately, no refunds can be given at this time. However, if you are unable to attend one of the additional excursions you purchased, please contact Diane Carpenter at dianecarpenter541@yahoo.com to let us know, so we can keep track of head counts for each activity.