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Our Leadership

Region 6 Officers

   Our Wally Byam Airstream Club Region Six officers are all volunteers. We owe a round of “THANKS” to these great people for their time and efforts in guiding our region.
   Please consider sharing your talents and skills with the region or your local club. You are invited to talk to any of our Region Six officers about serving in a leadership position. You'll make some great friends and know that your efforts are appreciated!
   Scroll down to see the current WBAC Region Six leaders.

      Elected Officers


Jim Johnson - President

   Big Red Number 4183
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Larry Madden - 1 VP

   Big Red Number 3909
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Jan Heavener - 2nd VP

   Big Red Number 23289
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Susan Martin - Recording Secretary

   Big Red Number 4334
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John Rylee - Treasurer 

   Big Red Number 2050
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Mark Magie - Corresponding Secretary

   Big Red Number 24797
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Appointed Volunteers

Mary Johnson - Membership

   Big Red Number 9999
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Steve Padgett - Webmaster

   Big Red Number 3160
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