Officers and Trustees

    Our Sierra Nevada Unit officers are all volunteers. This club would not exist without good leaders. We owe a round of “thanks” to these great people for their time and efforts in guiding our club.
    Please consider sharing your talents with the club. You are invited to talk to any of the club’s officers about serving in a leadership position.
    Scroll down to see the 2024 year officers serving the Sierra Nevada Unit.

President - Brian Root #6376

Treasurer - Jeni Root #6376

Secretary - Susie Brown #5701

Trustee - Jerry Thornburg #2797

Trustee - Bill Swirsky #29290

Past President - Jeni Root #6376

Webmaster - Diane Leipper #772

Co-Webmaster - Don Williams #14207

Membership - Don Williams #14207

Newsletter Editor - Don Williams #14207