Sierra Nevada Unit

    The Sierra Nevada Unit (SNU) holds rallies March through October in a variety of scenic and wilderness locations the Eastern Sierra Nevada and Great Basin mountains and deserts. The focus is on boon-docking or dry camping but sites also include RV parks and campgrounds.
    Most SNU rally sites allow us to be informal and flexible, they seldom require a definite count in advance, a reservation, or advanced payment.
    We enjoy coffee and a simple continental breakfast together most mornings, a late afternoon ‘happy hour’ and shared dinner gatherings. Everyone chips in and helps out for activities, meals and repairs and improvements to our Airstreams; the latter often from the comfort of our lawn chairs.
    Find out more about our long SNU history, Airstreams and the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) on our "Legacy" website. Also find us on Facebook at:
    Unit Motto: “It’s the Airstreams that bring us together but it's the people who keep us together”
        - past president Jerry Thornburg, describing the SNU!

Sierra Nevada Unit Legacy - who we are, where we've been, traditions & culture.

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Don Williams, Membership Chair

Reno, NV