These are a list of the things the Club President should do while the president.  The intent of this is to help the incoming Club president figure out what to do and when to do it. The original list was prepared by Carol Montague with input from several ex-presidents and last updated on 9-12-23 by Carol Montaque and RoseMarie Anderson. 

Duties of Big Bend Florida Club President

Before taking office:

  1. Watch, Listen and Ask questions!  The First Vice President assists the President to move the club forward.
  2. Become familiar with the Airstream Club International website.
  3. Attend Officer Training at Region or National level, if possible.
  4. Become familiar with our Big Bend history as well as the Club’s Constitution, By-Laws and Policies which are found on the Club website.
  5. Know your members - regular and affiliate members.
  6. Big Bend Florida Club officers and Board include President, 1st Vice, 2nd Vice, Secretary, Treasurer, 4 Trustees and the Past President. Be aware of what elected officer positions are unfilled. Work with the Nominating committee to choose the best officers to help support and guide the Club during the year. The new officers should be selected as early as possible, no later than the end of August before the election in October. Trustees (directors) should be a combination of ancient wisdom and potential officer material. Select Club committee chairs. In the past these have included Webmaster, Nominating, Financial Review, Membership, Caravan, Newsletter Editor, Historian and Sunshine. Others may be selected as needed.
  7. Rallies are the mainstay of the Club. A rally theme adds interest and excitement. Choose sites throughout the geographic area, giving all members a chance to attend.  Our Club schedules 7-9 Rally sites each year. The first rally the incoming President is responsible for is the December Christmas party, rally, or event.  Often the President selects a community service project for the Club to support.
  8. The Annual Installation Rally is held in November. The current President will select 2 club members to review the Club Treasurer’s accounts. The First VP is responsible to inquire about a suitable gift for the outgoing President, either a Big Bend Club flag or a gift certificate for Airstream merchandise. Make certain the Treasurer or Secretary is informed to make the purchase before the rally is held.
  9. The Installation Rally should be a special rally with the upcoming President ready to assume office at the close of the meeting. Be prepared to make a few remarks about your upcoming year, mentioning goals or special events.

After taking office:

  1. Once the new officers are selected, a Board meeting should be held to share direction and goals for the upcoming year. Use your officers! Delegation is not a bad thing!
  2. Promote the Rally schedule. Recruit at least 2 Hosts for each Rally! Keep in touch with Hosts, providing ideas for events, activities and food. Remember that meals should not be the only activity.
  3. The Big Bend Constitution states that there must be at least one General Membership meeting per year where the slate of officers for the upcoming year is announced. Before a general membership meeting can be held, 15 days prior notice must be given to the membership, usually through the newsletter or other email announcement.  Voting is at the October Rally or by previous email if not attending the rally. Business meetings can be held at any rally as needed, notes to be taken by the secretary.
  4. Be aware of the equipment and location of Club property. (Flag poles & stanchion).
  5. By November 1, new upcoming officer forms must be sent to Airstream Club International headquarters. A list of rallies for the year should also be sent.
  6. To maintain our WBCCI Charter, every 5 years our Constitution and By-Laws are to be reviewed by a committee from our club and submitted to Airstream Club International for approval. This was last done on 12/30/2019.
  7. Region 3 Rally – the locale and dates change each year for this rally. The President is responsible for having the Club flag and flagpoles to walk in the opening and closing ceremonies. If the President is unavailable, a substitute may fill in.
  8. International Rally - the locale and dates change each year for this rally. The President is responsible for having the Club flag and flagpoles to walk in the opening and closing ceremonies. If the President is unavailable, a substitute may fill in.
  9. Newsletters –Electronic copies of the newsletter are to be sent to all members, full and affiliate.  As a courtesy, it can also be sent to the Region 3 Officers.  Write an article for the Big Bend newsletter each month to update members on club activities. The newsletter is the prime communication source to all members of the club. The Newsletter editor gathers information to be sent to all members.  
  10. In order for any club activity to be covered by WBCCI insurance it must be listed in the minutes of our Business Meeting and newsletter or website.