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Our Fearless Leaders

Officers & Committees

Our East Tennessee Airstream Club officers are all volunteers. We wouldn't have a local club without them. Please join me in saying "THANK YOU!" to these fine folks for sharing their time and efforts for all of East Tennessee.

Please consider taking a position in the future to continue this fine tradition. You'll make some great friends and know that your efforts are appreciated!

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0165 2021 Officers

2020 Officers

PRESIDENT –  Jim Johnson (WBCCI #9999) 937-677-2344
FIRST VP –  Paul Lambert (WBCCI #4986) 931-327-5489
RECORDING SECRETARY – Nancy Jones (WBCCI #6902) 865-659-5159
TREASURER – Sally Jaunsen (WBCCI #6396) – 865-482-9708
CORRESPONDENCE SECRETARY – Sally Lambert (WBCCI #4986) 931-636-1376

PAST PRESIDENT – Bruce Jones (WBCCI #6902) – 865-679-1820



2019-2021: Don Noah (WBCCI #16624)
2019-2021: Peter Anderson (WBCCI #2774)
2020-2022: Matthew Harris (WBCCI #10501)
2020-2022: John Pidgeon (WBCCI #19512)

Standing Committees

Budget:  Bruce Jones

Constitution/By-Laws/Legislative:  Bruce Jones

Ethics and Grievance:  Paul Lambert

Membership:  Mary Johnson 937-974-5539

Publicity/Public Relations/Communication:  Mary Johnson & Bo Gerhardt


Special Committee

Membership Directory:  Linda Harris