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Four Corners Unit Rally Planning Guide

Scroll down for suggestions on planning a Four Corners Unit Rally.

Rallies are the main activity of our organization

Thatʼs what weʼre all about. The unit sponsors several rallies a year and always welcomes more. If you have never planned a rally, this guideline will give you some idea of what is involved. It’s a good idea to attend at least one 4CU rally and recommended that new hosts serve as co-hosts prior to hosting a rally. This will give new hosts first-hand experience of what is expected at a rally and how a variety of details are managed.

  • Hosts and Co-Hosts

    It’s highly recommended to enlist a co-host for rallies in order to share the burden of planning and hosting, and as backup in case a situation develops that precludes your attendance.

  • Board Approval

    Please feel free to discuss your rally ideas with one or more Board member for their input. When you have enough details to put together a general rally proposal (dates, venue, venue amenities, rough agenda, costs, etc.) please submit your rally proposal to the Board for review and approval before any expenditures are made. If this creates an issue in the reservation process for a given venue, please consult the Board. The Unit will not be responsible for expenditures made prior to approval.

  • Select a Date

    Rallies can occur throughout the year. Keep in mind the dates of other events which may impact the attendance of the rally. Allow enough time to handle all of the logistical things to be taken care of.

  • Select a Place

    People enjoy variety. Itʼs always nice to visit someplace new as well as returning to old favorites. Potential rally sites should be convenient and offer useful services within a reasonable distance. Dry camping is fine but consider hook-ups, particularly electricity for air-conditioning in warmer seasons. When you have selected a location it is a good idea to have one individual point of contact to work with at the location.

  • Take some promotional pictures

    If the 4CU has not held a rally at your rally's location recently, take several nice electronic pictures of the location. We need these in order to promote the rally with the Airstream Club. (If the 4CU has been to that location recently, we can use photos from our previous rally picture galleries.)

  • Select a Theme

    Although a theme isnʼt necessary for a successful rally, it often adds to the fun both in the planning stage as well as the during the event.

  • Set a Rally Price

    The rally fee should be based on the activities included and any park use or related costs. Base the price on the number of anticipated participants and the events included. At a minimum, most public facilities will charge a use or permit fee for the use of group areas. While it is not feasible in all cases, it is encouraged that individuals pay their own campsite fees. See the section Collection of Fees below for more detailed information the financial aspects of a rally.

  • Promoting the Rally

    There are several ways to promote the rally. A well-promoted rally will ensure a successful event that will be well attended. Contact the Unit Secretary to have the rally listed on the WBCCI calendar and in the Blue Beret. The Unit Webmaster will add it to the 4CU website. Submit the details to the Unit Newsletter Editor.

  • Scope Out The Site

    So there will be no surprises when the event date rolls around, it is a good idea to know a little about the territory. Survey the campsites so you can assist placing anyone with special needs and hold a specific site for them. You donʼt need to be an expert on the region around the rally site but it is a good idea to know the location of the nearest medical facility, drug store, grocer and other services.

  • Gather Local Information

    While it is not necessary itʼs nice to prepare a rally bag for the attendees. This could include some brochures, maps and information for activities if an attendee chooses to do something on their own. In most cases, with a phone call or visit to a local chamber of commerce or visitors bureau you will be supplied with a variety of information at no cost.

  • Collection Of Fees

    Upon Registration, member attendees will submit payment directly on the rally website.  Their payment may consist of rally fee, campsite fee or both depending on predetermined and proposal plans.  Easy Peasy!  International guidelines require that all funds collected be deposited directly to the Unit’s bank account

    Within 7 days after the conclusion of the rally, the host is required to provide the Unit Treasurer with a full accounting of all funds received and all funds dispersed in the planning and execution of the rally. The financial report can be a simple spreadsheet or even a simple statement listing the funds collected and the expenditures made. An outline spreadsheet is available to the host by the Unit Treasurer upon planning.  Please keep all supporting receipts for items purchased and venue fees paid for the rally and submit with your financial report. The Unit Treasurer will make reimbursements for rally expenses from the Unit’s account in a timely manner following submission of report.

  • Insurance

    Legal liability is a big issue for organized gatherings like this. Since this is actually an official WBCCI sanctioned event, the WBCCI specifically carries liability insurance for this. If the rally site requires certificate of insurance, we will contact WBCCI and they will arrange to have one provided to the venue.

  • During The Event

    Hosting a rally can involve a lot of activity (read this as meaning that it involves some work.) Donʼt be afraid to solicit volunteers - people love to help. Greet the attendees as they arrive. Be available to offer assistance and answer questions that people may have. Make sure the rally area is left cleaner than when we arrived. Most importantly have fun. Thatʼs what rallies are all about.


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Four Corners Unit Rally Planning Guide

Four Corners Unit Rally Planning Guide