The Adventures of Hat

Join us for the whimsical adventures of Hat, Banner and Flag as they journey around the country, and the world spreading joy to all the meet them and their human companions!

The Adventures of Hat

Shortly after the Southeastern camping Unit was chartered a significant event happened - Hat was born.  The date was February 18, 2014.  Wes Hurner of A&W Designs took our logo and converted it to one that could be embroidered.  Hat was the first of it's kind, but the number continues to grow as the unit expands.  Hat has many brothers and sisters and also a cousin - "Shirt".  Cousin Shirt is actually older than Hat by a month.  Then along came "Flag" to be flown at all gatherings so folks will know who we are.  Long lost second couson Banner found it's way back to the SECU family for a family reunion.  Hat, Flag, Banner and shirt are always up for adventure as you can see below.  We hope that you enjoy following their adventures while traveling the world.  If you have pictures of Hat, Banner, Flag or Shirt in action, please send them to SECU Webmaster and they will be added to this page.

Hat Family


Hat joined other monuments along the trail on Devil's Backbone, VA

Devil's Backbone Trail


Hat had never visited Lookout Mountain, so Jean Haggar took him for the four state view.  It was so bright that he had to wear shades.

Lookout Mountain


Flag flies High on The McDowell's Rig #4714 at Harrison Bay for The Lucky 7 Rally.

McDowell Flag


Hat (and his new friend Stump) help Carol Stephens with her "Stump Speech" lobbying for the position of Unit Past President.

Carol's Stump Speech


Hat offered kayaking "oar" paddle boarding lessons for those of attending the Lucky 7 Rally celebrating SECU's seventh anniversary as a unit.

Hat Kayaking

Hat may be lucky in lovey, but the wheel didn't hit for Hat!

Hat in Vegas


'Standin' on the Corner in Winslow AZ …'

Hat in Winslow AZ


Hat always has time for a hiking break at the Tasty Weasel.

Hat at Tasty Weasel Brewery


Hat's on the hunt!

Hat on the hunt.


Will Rogers always had a good Hat story.

Hat with Will Rogers


Hat's full - AGAIN!

Hai in Farmington, NM


Hat became a celebrity at The Four Corners Monument.

Hat at 4 Corners


Is Hat getting some competition?

HAt's Competition


Hat visits Andersonviile Civil War Monument.  "This isn't camping!  Where's my Airstream?"

Hat in Andersonville


Hat visits Duck Commander HQ.

Hat at Duck Commander HQ


Cowboy Hat?

Cowboy Hat


Soooowwwwweeeee Pig!  Hat likes the BBQ in Gillette, WY.

Hat at BBQ


Around The World in 5 Days Norfolk-Kuwait-Singapore-Tokyo-Atlanta!  "Dang, that 777 is a whole lot faster than my GMC pickup!"

Hat RTW1

Hat RTW 2

Hat RTW 3

Hat RTW 4


Hat on the last leg of RTW trip


During Alumapalooza 6, Hat visits the 50th anniversary monument at Jackson Center.

Hat at Jackson Center


Hat makes it to the top of Buffalo Mountain during the Hiking and Tasting Rally May, 2015.

Hat at Buffalo Mt.


Down at The Weight Gain Rally and Alumaflamingo, hat learns to drive a glass bottom boat, from 46 year vet Captain Oscar, at Silver Springs and how to distill quality Rum at Drum Circle Distilleries.

Hat in Glass Bottom Boat

HAt in Glass Bottom Bpat Well

Hat at Drum Circle Distilleries


Hat makes a stand at Little Big Horn, but finds the same fate as Custer and his troops.

Hat at Little Big Horn


Hat sneaks onto a 777, as First Officer, and is off to London and Amsterdam in search of exotic food and automobiles.  I wonder if the passengers knew? "Where the heck is the instruction manual for all these buttons and switches?"

Hat in 777


I don't believe this Lamborghini will pull a 'Stream, but it will go fast!

Hat with Lamborghini


Hat approves of the bakeries in Amsterdam.

Hat in Amsterdam


Hat got winded on the climb to the top of Pike's Peak.

Hat at Pike's Peak