Several times on rallies, I’ve heard people saying that we were “just camping”. I think we should change that to say, “Just Airstreaming” !!  True, we are camping, but we are doing more than that. When I was a boy, we’d take a tent, go out on an island in the middle of a lake and camp there for two weeks. That was camping. But when we go to a WDCU rally, we are doing so much more than what my family did out on that island.

So, what is Airstreaming? It’s the good times, it’s the food, it’s the people, it’s the Airstreams, and most of all, it’s the friendship we share. That’s what it’s about. Our trailers are well built, fashionable and (mostly) reliable. Most of us are proud of our trailer, and glad we own it. We can spend our camping trips seeing the sites in the area, and having fun with old and new friends …. not drying wet canvas and sleeping bags, fixing leaky water tanks, or attempting to set up a complicated tent before the storm hits! We can enjoy the out-of-doors, but we can be comfortable and dry in bad weather. We can go wherever our Airstream can take us, knowing that a comfortable bed and a great warm meal  await at the end of our travels ….and you know who slept in the bed the night before!!

And it’s great to think that there are other past generations of Airstreamers that enjoyed life a little more, because they were members of this great club (WBCCI). Wally Byam built his trailers so you could go on an adventure …to see what awaits you around the next corner; and that’s just what we want to do in the WDCU. It’s all about Airstreaming: so much more than a trailer ..a legacy, a lifestyle, a family! So, yes!  We’re “Just Airstreaming” !!! …And isn’t it great!