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The Arizona Airstream Club enjoys eight (3 to 4 day) rallies, an occasional caravan and a Holiday Luncheon each year.

Our rallies are held in our State Parks, National Forests, County Parks and fairgrounds and commercial RV parks with the possibility of boon-docking on occasion. They are usually all in state.

The rallies are loosely planned allowing time for organized activities and personal free time.

Club Membership Data

Arizona Airstream Club 2021-2022 Member List

The Club has been an active local club of WBCCI since 1961. We average approximately 100 Regular/Lifetime Members on an annual basis and about 20 Affiliate Members.

Arizona Airstream Club - 003 (Region 11)

This Is Who We Are

Arizona Airstream Club 2021-2022 Member List

Our plans for 2021:

The schedule for 2021 is a little more ambitious; Rick Carmichael (2021 Club President) has been busy putting together an Event schedule that includes 11 rallies (January - November 2021) and the December 2021 Holiday Luncheon.

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2021 Executive Board and Committee Chair Contact Info:


Arizona Airstream Club - 003 (Region 11)

Officer Name -
Contact Email

Rick Carmichael (#5805), (

Vice President,
Mke McBurney (#4017), (

Kristin Smith (#10877),

Jerry Nelson (#8086), (

Past President,
Jim Moser (#7832),

Trustee Name - Contact Email

Trustee (Term ends - 12/2021),
Wayne Madewell (#4438),

Trustee (Term ends - 12/2022),
Rich Baldwin (#1851),

Trustee (Term ends - 12/2023),
Dick Hauptmann (#16204B),

Chair Name - Contact Email

Temporary Newsletter Editor,
Rick Carmichael (#5805), (President) (

Kathy Brandes
(#18901), (

Nancy Fisher

Jerry Nelson (#8086),


Past Presidents


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