1. Todays camping environment requires planning sometimes a year in advance-the explosion of RV sales combined with a shortage of campgrounds - a classic supply and demand scenario - has caused campers to plan their trips early to ensure availability. Since our rally season occurs at peak times in the calendar year- pre-planning is critical.
  2. Contact the current First VP as they are planning for the following year’s rallies when they assume the presidency.
  3. Ask other members for advice, assistance, ideas, timing and coordination.
  4. Check for other events in the regional area to avoid conflicts-dates.
  5. Decide if the rally will have a special theme or activity.
  6. Rally locations can be selected in an area that offers several entertainment and sporting events, or at a scenic place with historical or educational significance.
  7. Size does not matter- small local rallies are very successful.  But larger ones might require a small team of helpers to coordinate duties.

Rally Hosting Tips document for download