1. A rally fee should be established to cover all expenses.
  2. Rally costs are based on things like:
    • Group meals i.e., breakfast or catered dinner.
    • Event souvenirs
    • Firewood for group campfire
    • Any costs to be shared by the group. 
  3. Determine the Rally Fee amount. This amount should include all your rally expenses divided by number of attendees.
  4. Determine how rally fees will be paid e.g., Cash or Check
  5. Keep a detailed list and receipts of Rally Expenses and Fees paid.
  6. Submit an expense sheet after the rally to the Unit Treasurer and President
  7. Discuss with the Unit Treasurer and President about Rally overages or shortages that you expect (some of these points will be reiterated in the post-rally section).

Rally Hosting Tips document for download