1. Determine rally agenda and include information on places of interest in the area- most towns have a Visitors Center or Chamber of Commerce to obtain brochures for local attractions.
  2. Plan tours of local attractions, or prepare directions for self-guided local trips.
  3. Plan a group event for the last evening, a potluck, catered meal or BBQ's. Ensure your rally fees will cover the expenses.
  4. Provide a list of addresses and phone numbers of local emergency contacts.
  5. Schedule "On Your Own" free time. Some people prefer not to have an entire day planned out in advance. Leave time during the day for relaxation, personal interest i.e., exploring the area.
  6. Enlist volunteers to assist with parking, cleanup, cooking, games and activities.
  7. Souvenirs or “swag bags” for each attendee including personal mementos from the rally or area can highlight the member’s attendance, this is optional.
  8. Prepare a packet with useful information about the area.
  9. Email a schedule of events to everyone who has registered for your rally.

Rally Hosting Tips document for download