We know you have lots of questions about the international rally. It's a beautiful place with wide, flat areas for parking, walking and bike riding.

See below for some Frequently Asked Questions about the 66th Annual Airstream Club International Rally in Rock Springs, Wyoming, June 24-30, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Airstream Club International Rally in Rock Springs, WY: 


If you have a question that doesn’t appear here, please email your question to rally@airstreamclub.org


1. Q:  This is my first time attending an international rally. What can I expect?
    A:  We've created a special fact sheet just for you! Click here for lots of information to help you navigate the rally and answer all your questions

2. Q:  Who do I contact regarding planning a caravan to the Rally?
    A:  Caravan arrival scheduled are managed by Club Headquarters. If you are planning a caravan of five (5) or more Airstreams to the Rally, please contact Barb at rally@airstreamclub.org to schedule a date.

3. Q:  How can I sign up to present a seminar at the rally?
    A:  Email rally@airstreamclub.org if you have questions.



4. Q:  How do we register for the International Rally?
    A:  To register, click here

5. Q:  May we attend the entire rally without having our Airstream parked on site?
    A:  Yes, you may register for the rally without paying any camping fee. The rally fee is $125 per adult and $75 per youth (13 yrs – 17 yrs). Children (4 yrs -12 yrs): $40. Children 3 and under are free. 

5B. Q:  What is the difference between an Off-site registration and a Day Pass?
    A:  Members who wish to stay in a hotel or at a nearby campground are considered "Off-site" registrations. They pay the rally fee (described above) and attend the whole rally with the same privileges as members staying on-site in their campers.  Day passes are for a specific day and allow the member or guest to attend all activities for that day but does not include any meals, gifts,  pins, etc.

6. Q:  Will being an International, Region or Club Officer give me a priority with registration?
    A:  No. All registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis.

7. Q:  Do Rally Committee Chairs or volunteers get priority with registration?  
    A:  No. All registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis.

8. Q:  We’re traveling together in one Airstream but have two membership numbers. Are we eligible for two entries in the drawings and two lifetime member discounts? 
    A:  Yes, one person should register with an RV on site plus one adult, and the other as no RV on site and one adult.

9. Q:  What if something comes up and I need to cancel my registration? 
      A:  Refund requests should be emailed to rally@airstreamclub.org or by calling HQ at 937-596-5211. Requests received on or before April 28, 2023 will be  assessed a $50.00 fee. Refund requests on or after April 29, 2023, will be assessed a 50% fee. NO refunds after June 10, 2023.  If you might have to cancel after that day, please consider obtaining travel insurance: Travel MedEvac Trip Insurance.

9B. Q:  What is a Day Pass and where do I purchase one?
          A:  Day passes can be purchased from the Cashier who will be at Welcome during General Parking and then at Member Services for the remainder of the rally. All Day Passes are non-refundable.

Guests - A member who has paid to attend the Rally may arrange for their guest(s), who is not a member or is a past member of ACI to receive a daily guest pass. These passes will be valid for one (1) day.

Guest Day Pass Prices:

  • Adults (18 & over) = $25.00 each per day
  • Youth (13-17) = $15.00 each per day
  • Child (4-12) = $10.00
  • Child (3 & under) = Free if accompanied by a paying adult

Members - A member who hasn’t paid to attend the Rally may purchase a Day Pass to attend events at the Rally. These passes are valid for one (1) day. Prices are the same as Guest Day Pass.

Day Pass attendees (members or guests) may attend all events except meals on the calendar day they have paid for.  They are not entitled to any complimentary promotional items or meals.


10. Q:  What are the facilities at Rock Springs?
      A:  Hookups are 50amp electric, water and sewer. The Sweetwater Events Complex is a beautiful, well-maintained facility. All campsites are back-in sites and the majority of them will be on gravel. They also have restrooms on-site and showers.

10A Q: Can I rent a golf cart or bring my own?
       A: Yes and yes. Golf Cart rental is for one week only - From Saturday, June 24, and must be returned to the corral on Friday, June 30. Only weekly rentals are available. Only licensed drivers over the age of 16 are allowed to drive. Renters will be responsible for any damage done to the cart and charged accordingly. Renters will be responsible for refueling their own carts. There is a gas station next to the Sweetwater Event Center. Renters are welcome to share a cart with a fellow member, but you are responsible for exchanging monies for the rental. If you rent a cart and cancel before May 31, you will receive a full refund. NO CANCELLATIONS or refunds on June 1 or after. Click here to rent a golf cart.

10B. Q: Can I bring my side-by-side?
        A: Yes. The city requires that they be licensed (from any state) and have the plate mounted and visible. Side-by-sides are also allowed on the area roadways with a valid registration and license plate.

11. Q:  Cellular service: How good is it?
Verizon is very good, both for voice and data, across the whole facility and with heavy load. The other carriers (AT&T and TMobile) are reported to not perform well with lots of people on site.

12. Q:  WiFi: Does free WiFi exist, and where?
      A:  Strong WiFi exists in the main buildings but not in the general parking areas.

13.  Q: Are we allowed to have campfires? 
UPDATED CAMPFIRE POLICY: You are welcome to have a fire at your campsite, as long as it's contained in a metal ring. A screen is recommended to contain embers from catching in the wind. Campsites do not have fire rings or picnic tables.

14. Q:  Are public restrooms/showers available?
      A:  Yes. Each campground has a restroom/shower facility, plus there are restrooms/showers in the Sweetwater Events Complex' Indoor Arena.

15. Q:  Can I send mail or a package to the facility?  
      A:  The mailing and shipping address is: Sweetwater Events Complex, Attn: Airstream Rally c/o: FirstName LastName, BRN #####  3320 Yellowstone Road, Rock Springs, WY 82901. Mail and packages should be scheduled to arrive no earlier than June 22.

16. Q: I need to receive an Amazon package. Where is the nearest "Amazon Locker"?
      A: With Amazon Hub Locker, you can receive your Amazon packages at secure locations. Locker locations can be found when selecting a shipping address during the checkout process. Click to learn more about Amazon Hub Lockers
-Go to Search for a Locker location
-Click on Or find an Amazon pickup location near you >
-Search for Rock Springs, WY

17. Q:  Is there a hotel available in the area that offers a discounted group rate?
      A:  Group blocks are on hold at any of the following three hotels. Please call to make your reservations:
      -Holiday Inn Rock Springs - Daily rate is $90.00; pet-friendly rooms available for $119 per day. Old Chicago - Restaurant on site.  Breakfast not    included but a $5 coupon included that can be used at the restaurant. Indoor pool and gym on site. Airport shuttle provided. Call (307) 382-9200 and ask for "Airstream Rally".
      -My Place Hotel - Daily rate is $100; pets allowed, up charge is $15/day. Kitchenette with full-sized refrigerator, two burner cooktop, coffee maker and a microwave. Laundry on site. No airport shuttle. Call  (307) 362-5977and give them the code " AIRSTRMCLUB". Rate available from  06/15/23 -  07/06/23. Additional taxes apply.                                              
     -Comfort Inn and Suites - Daily rate for double room is $115; king is $120. Pets are not allowed. Free breakfast. Indoor pool and hot tub. Guest laundry. No airport shuttle. Call (307) 362-9100 and ask for "Airstream Group".

17A. Q: KOA Information

         A: KOA – Rock Springs/Green River, 86 Foothill Blvd, Rock Springs, WY  82901, Call 307-362-3063 for reservations. The KOA currently has 50 amp and 30 amp full hook sites available. They also have electric & water-only sites. The KOA is about a 15-minute drive from the rally location. Here is a link to learn more about this KOA. https://koa.com/campgrounds/rock-springs/ 


18. Q:   When will Rally parking begin?
      A:  General parking is June 24. You may select an earlier parking arrival date when registering. If you decide not to register for an arrival date earlier than June 24, but change your mind: no problem, just click this link https://form.jotform.com/223257545189161  to add and process payment for additional days securely online, or call headquarters at 937-596-5211 and ask for a change. 

19. Q:  I am looking for a place to meet up with my caravan or friends somewhere in Rock Springs. What do you recommend?
A:  If you need to wait on your friends somewhere so you can all enter the rally together, we recommend heading to the optional “staging” area just across the street from Sweetwater Events Complex. It’s a large parking lot called the Yellowstone Arena Lot that can accommodate many Airstreams. No utilities (no water, sewer or electrical) are available in this area. Simply follow directions to the Sweetwater Events Complex, taking Yellowstone Road NORTH, then turn WEST onto Armory Drive (see map). The GPS location is 41.6371, -109.251 (41°38'13.7"N 109°15'05.5"W). You’ll be able to temporarily gather there, then look for the Welcome Signs directing you into the rally when you’re ready.

20. Q:  Can I park with my buddy?
      A:  The parking team will make every effort to park you with your friends, but you must arrive together. Please review the following information that will help us help you park with a group: 
     -Please plan to meet offsite and caravan to the grounds together (see Q19 above). 
    -Groups of five or more should register as a caravan by emailing rally@airstreamclub.org by May 1, 2023. If you are not registered with a caravan leader, we will not have the ability to pre-plan space for you to park in the same area. 
    -If you are planning a caravan, everyone on that caravan needs to be registered to arrive the same day.
If you are planning on parking with any of the following groups, be sure to select that group when you register: ADA, Band and all Intra-Clubs

In short, as amazing and extraordinary as our volunteer parking crew is, we likely will not be able to accommodate requests for special parking at the time of your arrival if you haven't made arrangements per the above guidelines.

21. Q:  What do I do if I arrive after hours?
      A:  If you come to the rally after hours (parking closes by 6 p.m.), follow the signs to the parking staging area, park and dry camp overnight. Do not unhitch as you will be parked as soon as the parking attendants return the next morning. Please be ready to park when our parking attendants arrive at 8 a.m.

22. Q:  For members staying offsite, will my vehicle that I drive to and from the rally be able to park close to the activities? 
      A:  Yes, parking will be available.

23. Q:  For members staying offsite, how do I check in? 
      A:  The first time you enter the rally grounds, please enter through the Staging Area and proceed to the check-in area. The Rally Arrival Team will welcome you to the rally, give you your Welcome bag, programs, etc. and direct you to the vehicle parking area.

24. Q.  Do we need to bring extra hoses, power cords, and adapters?
      A:  Yes.
Please bring two 25-ft water hoses or longer, as the utilities are behind the campsites.  Bring an additional electric cord and a 50-to-30 amp adapter if your trailer is 30 amp. 

 Some more information:

  • We realize the desire to keep additional equipment and costs at a minimum.
  • Please understand that the 1,200 RV sites have significant differences, mainly based on their construction date. 
  • In addition, the length of our Airstreams also varies significantly, from a 20’ Basecamp to a 33’ Classic.  Complicating matters is the varying placement of the utility connections on our Airstreams: some are in front of the tires, and some are behind.
  • The guidance above should ensure a successful initial connection to the Sweetwater Events full hookups, regardless of which site, the specifics of your Airstream, and where you park your Airstream.

 Additional suggestions:

  • While not necessary for roughly two-thirds of the sites, some configurations and differences between Airstreams may require 30’ of sewer hose.  Perhaps even 40’ for exceptionally long trailers.  We recommend the typical factory length of 20’, but given the relatively inexpensive cost, we suggest a) bringing up to 30’ - 40’ of sewer, b) being prepared to order additional from Amazon, or b) seeing if you can purchase locally if needed.
  • Consider keeping your receipt and leaving the “tags” on the expensive electrical cables.  If you don’t need it, you can easily return it.

25. Q:  Will the Interstates and Atlas units be parked in their own area, or dispersed throughout the facility?
      A: Interstates and Atlas units are parked based on arrival time and will be parked amongst the rest of the Airstreams, not in a separate area.

26. Q:  Will Interstates and Atlas members be able to move their rigs in and out of the area, as others can move their tow vehicles? So we can go shopping, empty tanks, etc?
      A:  Yes, you will be able to move in and out of the parking spots.



27. Q:  Will exhibitors be at the rally?
      A:  Yes, the Exhibit Hall will be open each day of the rally. To see a list of exhibitors coming or to sign up as an exhibitor, click here. Visit the Exhibit Hall daily, as there will be new pop-up vendors each day!



28. Q:  How can I volunteer for a committee?  
      A:  Committees seeking volunteers will post their needs in the Blue Beret in upcoming months.  You can also email your interest in volunteering to rally@airstreamclub.org.



29. Q:  Are there activities for the children?  
      A:  The rally will have activities planned for youth and children. The cost is included in their rally fee.



30. Q:  Can we bring our pets?  
      A:  Yes, please make plans to bring your furry friends per the following On-Grounds Pet Policy: All pets must be on a 6-foot, non-retractable leash when outside the Airstream. Always check collars and leashes to make sure they fit correctly and are working properly. A size appropriate pet containment system can be used at the campsite. Pets are not permitted in the buildings or outside dining areas during a meal with the exception of working service animals. During severe weather, pets may be taken into the designated shelters. Well mannered dogs are welcome to play and exercise in designated dog parks. Always clean up after your pet. And, make sure your pet has an ID tag.


    • Adults (18 & over) = $25.00 each per day
    • Youth (13-17) = $15.00 each per day
    • Child (4-12) = $10.00
    • Child (3 & under) = Free if accompanied by a paying adult



31. Q: When does the rally end? 
      A: The Rally Grand Finale is Friday, June 30. Your registration includes camping overnight through Friday, June 30, with departure on Saturday, July 1. To extend your stay at the Sweetwater Events Complex past Friday, click here