International Rally will be held in Fryeburg, Maine Saturday-Friday, July 23-29, 2022. We know you have lots of questions about the facility.  It's a beautiful place with wide, flat areas for parking, walking and bike riding. See below for some Frequently Asked Questions.



Q:  What if I have a question that doesn’t appear here?

A:  Email your question(s) to rally@airstreamclub.org.


Q:  How do we register for the International Rally?

A:  To register, click here


Q: What's the best route to take to Fryeburg? 

A: Click here for map guidance. Note that these directions will most likely differ from what your map program or GPS navigator will tell you. These directions will keep you on interstates or good two-lane highways all the way to the International Rally location. Yes, there are some toll roads. This is still the best way to travel. Please be aware that your map program or GPS navigator may take you on narrow two-lane highways with switchbacks, etc. Use at your discretion.


Q: This is my first time attending an international rally. What can I expect?

A: We've created a special fact sheet just for you with lots of information about how to navigate the rally. Click here to get answers to all your questions.


Q: What are the facilities at Fryeburg?

A: Hookups are 30amp electric, water and pump-out. The Fryeburg Fairgrounds is a beautiful, well-maintained facility. All campsites are back-in sites and the majority of them will be on grass. They also have 11 restrooms on-site, 12 showers and three sets of coin-operated washers and dryers.


Q: Cellular service: How good is it?

A:  Yes. Strong (>4 bars) AT&T, Verizon and TMobile with LTE (not sure about 5G yet).  We expect the data connectivity to be good, but the performance may be impacted under heavy access (e.g. 2000 people).


Q: WiFi: Does free WiFi exist, and where?

A: Strong WiFi exists in the main buildings but not in the general parking areas.


Q: May we attend the entire rally without having our Airstream parked on site?

A: Yes, you may register for the rally without paying any camping fee. The cost is $130 per adult and $40 per youth (13 yrs. – 17 yrs.). Children 12 and under are free. See bottom of page for hotel information. 


Q: Is there a hotel available in the area that offers a discounted group rate?

A: Yes, a group block has been arranged at the Green Granite Inn, located at 1515 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, NH 03860. Call 603-356-6901 to make your reservation. Mention Airstream Club to receive the special group rate of $149/night. Reservations must be made by June 18 to receive the group rate (see ad below).


Q: Since I can only come for a few days, is there a daily rate?

A: Day pass attendees may attend all events on the calendar day they have paid for. The guest and member day pass is $25 per day for 18 years and older. $7 for youth (13 yrs. – 17 yrs.) per day and free for children 12 and under. Youth activities may require a small fee.


Q:  What if I want to just attend the International Board of Trustees and/or Delegates Meeting? 

A:  Current members may attend any Club business meeting at no charge. Please bring your current member badge. To attend any additional events, you must purchase a day pass.


Q:  When will Rally parking begin?

A:  Except for the rally organizers and some volunteers, general parking is tentatively scheduled to begin July 20, 2022. General parking is scheduled in accordance with the date you register. Early arrivals are discouraged and will be charged $75 / night fee for accommodation at the Rally campgrounds.


Q:  Can I park on the grounds before the rally begins/ends?

A:  If you plan to arrive before your scheduled parking date, there is a large campground conveniently located across the street from the rally grounds. This campground is also available for anyone staying past noon on Sunday, July 31. A camping reservation request form for early access is available at https://www.fryeburgfair.org/f/21. Anyone who wishes to stay after the rally should go to the Fairview camping office on July 29th to reserve a spot and the friendly staff at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds can take your payment at that time.


Q:  Do I have to park on my park date?

A: In an attempt to keep the rigs moving, you will receive a rally arrival date in the Spring of 2022. Please plan to arrive on your parking date or after. If you can’t make it on that date, the Rally Arrival Team will be ready to park you when you arrive from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Arrivals after 8:00 p.m. may stay overnight in the Staging Area with no hookups until parking begins the next morning. Early arrivals that have not made reservations across the street will be charged a $75 / night fee for accommodation at the Rally campgrounds.


Q:  Can I park with my buddy?

A:  The parking team will make every effort to park you with your friends, but you must arrive together. Please plan to meet offsite and caravan to the grounds together. If you are planning a caravan of five (5) or more Airstreams to the Rally, please email rally@airstreamclub.org to schedule an arrival date.


Q:  What do I do if I arrive after hours?

A:  If you come to the rally after hours (parking closes by 8 p.m.), follow the signs to the parking staging area, park and dry camp overnight. Do not unhitch as you will be parked as soon as the parking attendants return the next morning. Please be ready to park when our parking attendants arrive at 8 a.m.


Q:  For members parking offsite, will my vehicle that I drive to and from the rally be able to park close to the activities? 

A:  Yes, parking will be available.


Q:  For members parking offsite, how do I check in? 

A:  The first time you enter the rally grounds, please enter through the Staging Area and proceed to the check-in area. The Rally Arrival Team will welcome you to the rally, give you your rally envelope and direct you to the vehicle parking area.


Q.  Do we need to bring extra hoses, power cords, and adapters?

A: Yes. Please bring (2) 25 ft. or longer water hoses with a free flow Y adapter so water can be daisy-chained if necessary. Bring an additional electric cord and adapters suitable to carry the electrical load your trailer requires. Please switch your water heater and refrigerator to gas and run only one air conditioner.

Q:  Why do I need to switch my water heater and/or refrigerator to gas if there's a 30A service provided?


A: The reason for the suggestion to run as much as you can off propane is because 30A breakers (not just at Fryeburg) are rated for long-term use up to 80% of stated current.  That means 24A for a 30A service.  While a 30A breaker *may* be able to deliver the full 30A, it depends on the age of the breaker, condition of the breaker, distance from the breaker (sorta), etc.

Many attendees will not have the desire to add up their maximum current draw, so if it’s a hot day and they’re running one air conditioner, their batteries happen to be charging via the onboard charger/converter, they are running a fridge on AC, their water heater on AC and the normal on-board appliances, it’s possible to trip a 30A breaker.  Hence the recommendation to run as much as one can on propane.  The additional challenge at a large rally like Fryeburg is that each trailer does NOT have a dedicated electrical pedestal - the circuits are somewhat shared between trailers and often on extended wiring. So if a member exceeds their “30A”, it sometimes may temporarily pull down adjacent trailers as well.

We recommend an extension cable.  Typically lengths are 25’, which is sufficient if needed.  For 30A trailers, no adapter will be required since you’ll be plugging into a 30A socket.


Q:  Who do I contact regarding planning a caravan to the Rally?

A:  Caravan arrival scheduled are managed by Club Headquarters.  If you are planning a caravan of five (5) or more Airstreams to the Rally, please contact Barb at rally@airstreamclub.org to schedule a date.


Q:  Does handicap parking guarantee me a site in the water/electric camping area? 

A:  Not necessarily. Special parking, if requested, is near the central rally area for members.  We ask that you bring your government/state-issued placard or supporting documentation with you to the rally. Request to park in the handicap parking area is prioritized by registration date.


Q:  Will the Interstates and Atlas units be parked in their own area, or dispersed throughout the power area?

A:  Interstates and Atlas units are parked based on arrival time and will be parked amongst the rest of the Airstreams, not in a separate area.


Q:  Is there a dump station where I can do it myself, if necessary?

A:   Yes, there is a dump station on site and it is recommended to dump tanks prior to parking.


Q: Are we allowed to have campfires? 

A: Due to the current dry weather conditions in Maine, no wood-burning fires (this includes Solo Stoves) are permitted. The only fire rings now permitted are those run on propane. The good news is that the fairgrounds is offering propane refills on-site. You can bring your empty tanks to the campground office for your refills. Charcoal grills are permitted.


Q:  How often are they going to pump-out our waste tanks?

A:  We plan to pump rigs approximately every 4th day (e.g. if you arrive July 17, first pump-out is scheduled for July 20).  However, issues can interfere, so you should use water/sewage conservation measures whenever possible.


Q:  Do I have to help or be there for my pump-out?

A:  No, but if your valves are inside a compartment, leave that compartment open on pump day to speed up the process. Also, provide a clear path for the sanitation crew to get to your service access point. If the sanitation team cannot access your valves or access point, you will not be pumped that day.


Q:  For the Interstates and Atlas members attending — pump-out services do not work as we all work on a macerator system. If there is no dump station, as indicated, how do you propose we handle our pump-out needs – which would be necessary every 48 – 72 hours?

A:   Rally pump-out services accommodate Interstate and Atlas Airstreams, but it is required the owner be present during pump-out. You will be notified which day and approximate time the pump-out vehicle will be arriving. If the owner is not present, the pump-out crew will not be able to complete the pump-out. Rescheduling the pump-out may not be possible, however we do have an on-site dump station.


Q:  Are public restrooms/showers available?

A:  Yes, there are 11 restrooms plus a Mother's Lounge/Family restsroom located on the grounds available for use - 6 of those restrooms have handicap accessible facilities. Restrooms 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 are ADA accessible. Restroom 3 and Restroom 5 have showers.


Q:  Will Interstates and Atlas members be able to move their rigs in and out of the area, as others can move their tow vehicles? So we can go shopping, empty tanks, etc?

A:  Yes, you will be able to move in and out of the parking spots.


Q:  How can I volunteer for a committee?  

A:   Committees seeking volunteers will post their needs in the Blue Beret and on the Fryeburg - Volunteers in upcoming months.  You can also email your interest in volunteering at rally@airstreamclub.org.


Q:  Will being an International, Region or Club Officer give me a priority with registration?

A:  All registrations have been processed on a first come, first served basis.


Q:  Do Rally Committee Chairmen or volunteers get priority with registration?  

A:  All registrations have been processed on a first come, first served basis.


Q:  We’re traveling together in one Airstream but have two membership numbers. Are we eligible for two entries in the drawings and two lifetime member discounts? 

A:  Yes, one person should register with an RV on site plus one adult, and the other as “no RV on site and one adult.”


Q:  Do you supply the generator or do I need to bring one?

A:  The rally does not supply generators for personal use in the Personal Generator Section nor will we have a generator section in Fryeburg.


Q:  How may I sign up to present a seminar at the rally?

A:  Click on the Presentations tab under the Fryeburg rally for information on submitting a proposal for presenting at the international rally.  Email rally@airstreamclub.org if you have questions.


Q:  Are there activities for the children?  

A:  The rally will have activities planned for youth and children. The cost is included in their rally fee.


Q:  What if something comes up and I need to cancel my registration? 

A:  Refund requests should be emailed to rally@airstreamclub.org or by calling HQ at 937-596-5211. Request received by May 28th, 2022, will be assessed a $50.00 fee. Refund requests after May 29th, 2022, will be assessed a 50% fee.  NO refunds after July 9th, 2022.  If you might have to cancel after that day, please consider obtaining travel insurance. Travel MedEvac Trip Insurance


Q:  Can we have mats on the grass?  

A:  No indoor/outdoor carpeting ONLY grass friendly mats.


Q:  Can we have kiddie pools?  

A:  No kiddie pools will be allowed.


Q:  Can we bring our pets?  

A:  Yes, we welcome pets per the following On-Grounds Pet Policy: All pets must be on a 6-foot, non-retractable leash when outside the Airstream. Always check collars and leashes to make sure they fit correctly and are working properly. A size appropriate pet containment system can be used at the campsite. Pets are not permitted in the buildings or outside dining areas during a meal with the exception of working service animals. Well mannered dogs are welcome to play and exercise in designated dog parks. Always clean up after your pet. And, make sure your pet has an ID tag.


Q:  What do I wear for the Flag ceremony?  

A:  White shirt and dark pants.



Q:  Can I send mail or a package to Fryeburg?  

A:  Yes, you can. Incoming mail should be addressed to Fryeburg Fair, Attn: Your Name, BRN, PO Box 78, 1154 Main Street, Fryeburg, ME 04037. Packages should be sent to Fryeburg Fair, Attn: Your Name, BRN, 1154 Main Street, Fryeburg, ME 04037. This service is available from Saturday, July 23 until noon, Friday, July 29.


Q: I need to receive an Amazon package.  Where is the nearest "Amazon Locker"?

A: With Amazon Hub Locker, you can receive your Amazon packages at secure locations. Locker locations can be found when selecting a shipping address during the checkout process. 

Click to learn more about Amazon Hub Lockers

  1. Go to Search for a Locker location

  2. Click on Or find an Amazon pickup location near you >

  3. Search for Fryeburg, Maine

  4. As of January 2022, the nearest lockers are in North Conway (about 15 minutes drive away)


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