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Arizona - Roundup Newsletter

Hello AAC Campers, I hope you are already having a great new year and that our rallies are in your plans.

Please enjoy the attached January issue of Roundup. This issue introduces officers, contains updates from the Membership Committee and rally status.

In place of luncheon photos, I included recent officer photos from my phone. We promise to have more formal ones next January.

Lost Dutchman's cancelled group campsites were replaced with electric sites at Picacho Peak State Park. The rally will be "Just Camping" with no hosts or planned events. We hope to see you there.

Coachella Valley registration is underway. I think John is planning a spectacular rally in a location full of entertainment options, history lessons and nature hikes. We still have a few campsites, and the option to rent vintage Airstreams on-site.

Prescott Point of Rocks Campground will attempt to get you registered, even up until the rally starts, but the sites (if available) may be in a different section than those we originally reserved. We filled all initial sites, requested more, then filled those plus two more.

Dolores will be a co-rally with Vintage Airstream Club. If you haven't attended a VAC event we recommend that you sign up. Bob, our membership chair and VAC member, claims this rally will be beyond awesome. We certainly won't lack for newsletter photos in July!

Cheers, rickc

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